Friday, April 11, 2014

It has been such a long time since I posted, haha.

Recently, my daughter has received an invitation to Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East @ Pasir Ris Close.  My daughter is so excited about the event and cannot wait to be at her friend's birthday party.

Having a birthday party at the pool or a water theme park is not a bad idea, however, safety precautions must be ensured and you should ensure that they do not go to deep waters. My daughter's friend's mum did check with me if my child knew how to swim, but even though my child has attended a Swim Safe Course and achieved a Silver rank, as a mum I am still worried of her when she is in the pool.

This is also the reason why I try to get all my children to go through a basic swimming course to ensure they are able take care of themselves in the pool.

Hence, I share with you the theme of a Water Play Birthday Party in this post. Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East does have birthday package, they will help you in the organisation of the Birthday.  You can call them directly for further enquiry.

Click  below link for their Birthday packages and charges:
Wild Wild Wet Birthday Packages And Charges

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Birthday Party Tragedy

When selecting a child birthday party theme, never select a theme that will endanger the lives of innocent little kids.

Remember you are having a birthday party for children of very young age, so when selecting a theme, select one that they could appreciate.

Recently, I read about an article of a little girl being mauled by a declawed cougar in one of the kid birthday party. I really do not understand why would a cougar appear in a kid party. However special we want our child birthday to be, we must not compromise with safety unless you really want to make the event a really unforgetable one for the worst reason.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Various Theme Party Games & Printable

Below is a list of various theme you could select and buy these online.

Children's Dinosaur Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Under the Sea Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Fairy Tale Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Car Racing Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Glow in the Dark Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Clown Around Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Knights of the Round Table Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Deep Space Theme Birthday Party Games and Printable Theme Party Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Marooned Scavenger Hunt for 10 Girls Mystery Party Game and Kit: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Children's Party Games For Ages 4 to 14: Filled with Fun, Games and Laughter

Select a birthday cake of your party theme

For those who are baking your own cake, you may choose and make the cake as per your wish. For instance your birthday party theme is princess, you may make a beautiful plain cake and put a crown and a wand on it with simple wordings and decoration may make a perfect cake. For other theme, you may design your cake adopting the same concept.

If you are getting a cake from the cake shop, getting a cartoon character cake will not be difficult as most reputable cake shops do partner with Disney to sell cakes with Disney cartoon design on it. Usually it comes with a small premium in price, but it is still very affordable. Check out reputable chain stores around your area to see the range of cakes available.

There are also cake shops who you could view the design via the internet. Some come with 3-dimensional cake design like a 3-dimensional princess, mermaid or a football. You may check this up via internet cake shops near your home. These 3-dimensional cakes usually come in a minimum size of 3kg, the prices are quite reasonable although usually slightly more expensive due to its size and design.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Select an invitation to match your birthday party theme

Attractive invitation cards will catch the child attention and arouse their interest and eagerness to attend the party. Your child's friends will get excited and start talking about the coming birthday party. They will be looking forward to the party day and make themselves available for the party. All this discussion and anticipation the children have will also add impact to your child sweet memory of his/her birthday celebration. Thus designing your invitation card with your selected theme is important too.

You may get off-the-shelve invitation with the desired theme or you may design your own. With so many on-line invitation design cards available, you could easily select one that match your theme.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Select or re-design a birthday party game that suit your theme

While selecting games, you may coordinate with the theme of the party. For instance in the "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" game, the game starts with drawing a picture of a donkey and placing the picture of a Donkey on the wall. Each child will hold on to a tail and blind folded. Spin the child around and point her towards the picture. Each child will move towards the picture and pin the tail on it. The child who has the tail pin nearest to the correct location will win.

The above will match your party theme if your party is about animals or Donkey. However, you could also modify the game to suit any other theme. For instance, your theme is Princess, you may change the picture to be a princess and the item to pin on the princess picture to be either earring, princess eye, hand etc. Use your imagination and I believe you could modify most game to suit your theme.

Other than modify the games to suit the theme, you may also play music and songs relating to the theme. All children love children songs and they will be so happy to dance to the beat. If your theme is Barney, playing songs from Barney sing-a-long is a good idea too.

When selecting party games, you should also consider how suitable it is for your theme. If your theme is something very outgoing like superman, you could choose games that has full of energy or heroine in nature. If your theme is calm and gentle, you may select games that are simple and light too. Choose the game that appeal to your child and friends. If your child is a quiet type, he or she will prefer games that are not so rowdy or rough.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Most popular child birthday party theme

* Top birthday party theme for girl
Girls usually like fairy tale like birthday theme. They like to dress themselves up like they are princess. Most popular birthday party theme includes the following:
Baby Einstein, Butterfly Garden, Fairy Girl,
Disney Princess, JoJo's Circus, Barbie,
Dora the Explorer, Ladybug Princess,Dolls ,
Clown Party,Let's Hula!, Teddy Bear,
Magic Show, Unicorns & Castles, clown party,

* Top birthday party theme for boy
Boys are usually very active. Their interest can be very different from the girls. They like theme like:
Batman Begins, Construction Pals, Firefighter,
Captain Hook, Construction Trucks, Pirate Party,
Cars & Trucks-sales, Dinosaurs, Harry Potter,
Cars - The Movie, Superman Returns

* Common child birthday party theme for all
Common themes will be a good idea if your guests are mixture of boys and girls. These themes include:
Animal Jungle, Elmo, Magic - Hocus Pocus,
Animal Safari, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Pony Party,
Around Town, Farm Animals, Pooh's Fun Celebration - Disney,
Baby Einstein, Finding Nemo, Power Rangers - Sale!,
Sesame Street, Scooby, Spongebob Buddies,
Party at the zoo, Party organised by fast food chain

* Birthday party theme for older child
Older child at age 10 and above may no longer be interested in cartoon characters birthday theme. You may choose among the following themes:
Beach Ball, Football, Sleepover,
Bowling, Shark Zone!, Carnival,
First Wish, Showtime, Dance,
Dress-up, Pool Party, Treasure Hunt,
Water Fun, Miniature Golf, Picnic

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How to select birthday party theme

As there are hundreds of birthday party theme available, deciding on which one to select can be very challenging. When selecting a theme, select one that is in line with your child's skills and personality. If your child is a girl and she likes to be a princess, choosing a theme like Disney Princess, Barbie Party, Fairy will be suitable. On the other hand if your child is full of energy, then an outdoor games party will be fun. On the other hand, a common theme that suits most children include Artist, Balloon Sculpturing, Magic Show, Tea Party or Craft Party.

If your child has just attended a party of a particular theme, you may one to choose one that is different. However, if that theme is a favorite for that year and your child really like to have the same theme, you may go for it, but just try to stretch your imagination and make it unique.

If the party theme is based on a particular character or story, such as Harry Potter, Blue's Clues, Baby Einstein, etc... don't assume every child is familiar with the character or story. Consider setting the stage by reading a section of the book or showing part of the video as one of the first activities at the party.

A note for the older child. As they grow up, they may prefer simple theme like a bowling party, a Beach Party, a Dance Party, Party at Amusement Park, Zoo Party or Miniature Golf Party.

What is birthday party theme

Having a party theme may sometime sound easy in the instance like celebrating an occasion like Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Easter etc. However, for a birthday party, it is really up to you to choose what theme you want for your child. There are hundreds of theme to choose from. You may then base on the child birthday party theme to provide fun ideas for invitations, decorations, favors, games and refreshments.

A party theme is a subject to build the birthday around it. Upon choosing the birthday party theme, you will either decorate your party ground with the theme selected or have your party items like cups and plates of the same theme. For example, your birthday party theme is Barney, you may put up birthday decoration with Barney's characters, Barney's balloons, Barney's birthday cakes, Barney's cups and plates. However, do not overdo on the theme unless you're sure you and your child won't burn out on it. So choose your birthday theme before you start to shop for the birthday items.